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Quick Update

This week was nice but tiring. Again, getting used to waking up at 5:00 is hard.

Nothing too amazing happened this week, but we had our first big web meeting with all the company animators we work with, including the foreign ones. Also, looks like we're going to Norway either in May or June, and my boss said that we can plan around my important thing in June (A-kon!). I need to apply for my passport next week!

Man, since I started working I've been pretty boring. Shayoushago (super secret alias) and I went to the movies and saw True Grit today! I liked it. XD

Anyway, did the logo for Ultra Vires and I need emukatze to approve it. I'm rather fond of it, but I think I want to try a couple of things.

Just a quick update. Tomorrow is a big day for iaido!
Harlock thumb!

Life changes

It's been nearly a year since the last time I posted, and emukatze has begun posting somewhat regularly so I thought I should sit down and and make a post. It's been so long that I didn't even have Semagic installed anymore, which brings up the first change I've made. I'm not a proud user of Windows 7, a truly beautiful OS. Fenrir is also now sporting a six core processor and DDR3 RAM.

That, however, isn't the most important recent change. Since I haven't posted in so long, it hasn't been announced here that I am no longer a student and am now a professional animator. Amazing, isn't it? A professional animator. As in I'm making enough money to make a living off of being an animator. I still don't quite believe it myself even after having a job for a week and two days. Today was my first payday and I have more money sitting around in my bank account than I've ever had in my entire life.

Ah, let me back up a bit more. Aside from school, last year I completed an internship as well. I was a little worried, because it wasn't an internship with an animation company, but instead with a small film studio in Galveston. I learned a lot, though, about equipment and hooking things up, one thing they skimped on at school for fear of us ruining everything. I can now set up just about any combination of audio or video equipment. I liked everyone there and they offered to hire me if I couldn't find a job in January.

After finishing up my internship and classes, I successfully graduated with honors on December 17, 2010.

My very awesome career adviser sent me many job leads during and after graduation, and I applied for many of them. The first one I heard back from was actually the best of the bunch and I got asked in for an interview, cleared level one, then got asked in for a second interview. After a little more than I week I was sent an acceptance letter. Holy shit I had a job! And a really good one!!!

After an illness and some paperwork trouble, I got in! I started February 10 and have been working since then. Not very long, but damn am I happy to have a job. So many of my classmates that graduated with and before me have had a hard time finding one, and with the economy the way it is, I was really worried.

What am I doing? I work in the oil industry! Haha, they pay their animators well, which is nice since I'm a just-graduated employee with loans. I'm shocked they're paying me what they are, and I even have benefits. And they're super busy, we have, like, six animations that we need to start. The day goes so fast.

Oh! Also, I have a boyfriend now. Shocking! We nearly died in a car accident together on our way to an iaido event in November and soon after that we started dating. Life's funny like that. I don't know how much I can say about him on the internet, so I'll leave it at that.

Life seems to be treating me well for the time being, even if my awesome job does involve waking up at 5:00 in the morning, at least I enjoy it and the people I'm working with. I plan on paying attention to LJ again and posting more often.

Crochet crochet crochet

My break is almost over! Monday is my first class! These short breaks go by so fast... I miss my long breaks from when I went to UH. Ah well.

Lately I've picked up crocheting again and started a little blog for it that you can find here. I'm afraid I got a bit addicted there for a while, but it seems to be dying down to a more normal level now. ^^;

I've also begun putting together a design for the A-kon t-shirt contest. I'm hoping to get a table there in the Artist Alley (wish me luck and speed in filling out the online form...) and if I happen to win the contest that'll make the trip much more affordable. I somehow doubt I will, since there are many other awesome designs entered, but there's no harm in trying for it. Feel free to wish me luck with this as well!

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Curry Doughnut

Movies and More

Today, due to an event that was fortunate for me and painful for her, I tagged along with Maggie and her parents to see Sherlock Holmes! It was an awesome movie that filled me with joy and it had a really good soundtrack. I want the movie when it comes out on disk. :D

In addition to movie-going, Maggie lent me Prince of Persia and I've been playing that. It took me a bit to get used to the controls after playing Mirror's Edge (The reaction time for some things still throws me off), but it's crazy fun. I keep jumping into nothingness. XD So far I've beat The Comcubine and The Warrior, so I have 2 more to go! Tomorrow I need to do some running around and I might start sewing afterwards or on Tuesday. ♥

Ah. I was going to post my school schedule, too, but I can't seem to log into my school account. Maybe next time!
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Sumi Tech guy

First post in a while...


I hope everyone got what they want. I got a nifty Coolermaster HAF full tower case. Why? Because to keep my computer from overheating while rendering, I have to put my big floor fan in front of the open side door and blast it in. This makes for a very cold room fast and I'd hate to damage any of my hardware by overheating. I also got an assortment of other cool things from friends and coworkers. Thanks to Maggie, I now have a small collection of sock garters to go with my large collection of socks. XD I was only expecting one pair, though. Thank you Maggie.

Ummm... this last quarter was hell and I don't want to say too much about it, but I passed everything and next quarter will be much more normal.

On Monday I got a call from my friend Jason saying that a friend of Joe and Tracy's (two other friends of mine) who works for ILM was going to do the motion simulator at NASA. It was awesome! I had a sync of -2.5 and I was only 5 meters off the center on the landing, which is supposedly pretty good for your first try. Yay for video games? We also got a tour of where they all work and got to see the first space toilet. :D


My new quarter starts tomorrow! My break was too short. I already posted my school schedule, but here's my work schedule for reference:

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This quarter I'm going to have no free time. Ever. e_e Except Thursdays and I'll probably be very "Holy crap homework" and stuff then.

In other news, I started a cute thing called Poupee Girl. You post photos of your clothes, make-up, and jewelry plus some other things and you get stuff to dress up your little doll. This is handy for me because I need to go through my closet anyway. e_e Link below if your interested. Of course, if you give me an e-mail and I can send you an invite and that way you'd get a cute friend gift~ Whatever works!

poupeegirl fashion brand community
Drawing (animated!)


I've decided to take five commissions! I will not begin working on them until Friday (9-25-09), but if you're interested, you're more than welcome to go ahead and ask. The sketch would look a bit like this or this, though I can do it in a more anime style or whatever if preferred!

Shoulders and up: $5

Waist up: $7

Full body (Just standing or posed): $10

Background: Add $10 to your price

Clean-up and ink: +$5

Color: +$10


Sketches will be done on paper. I will make a high resolution scan and e-mail it to the commissioner. If the commissioner wishes, I can also mail them the physical copy of the sketch as well if shipping is provided. I tend to sketch with 2-3 pencils, starting with non-photo blue. The commissioner can request the color of other two color pencils, one for roughing and one for clean-up. The character may have props, however if it is large and extremely complicated I may request additional pay. I'm willing to do tasteful nudes, but it the request is something really questionable I may refuse to do it.

I reserve the rights to display the sketch on my sites and accounts, however they will be lower resolution and I will not sell the work to another.


1. batto_man (from LiveJournal)
Commissioned: Full body with clean-up and ink
Progress: Complete

2. batto_man (from LiveJournal)
Commissioned: Full body with clean-up and ink
Progress: Not started, waiting for details

3. marshall
Progress: Not started, waiting for details and payment

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