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Much progress was made

Even though I'm pretty calm most of the time, when I freak out I freak out. XD

So, I got a lot done today.

The first thing I did was finish my garters. Yesterday I had them fully made except that I needed to insert the elastic and sew them into loops. With this, my legwear was done!

Next up I went ahead and started on my sleeves. I made my arm puffs, which took a damn long time. after they were done, I was annoyed that even with the interfacing, they weren't holding up well. So I did some research and discovered the fabric stiffiner crafters use. It's the stuff that, for example, helps decorative bows stay in place. So I went out and got some, tested it, and it didn't discolor the fabric at all. So I used it on my puffs and now they're like "little lanterns," as my mom commented when she was playing with them. Yay! Now I don't have to worry about them losing shape.

Lastly, I finished the neck area of my top and attached the sleeves. I still need to put the snaps in place for the puffs and put the velcro on the back, but yay!

This leaves:
Velcro on back of top
Snaps for puffs
Fixing up my hip wrap
Psypher (%@#$@$!!!!)

And my suit for Misaki. ..I hope I manage. Damn school. Sunday and Monday are for homework, so whether or not any more is done before Wednesday night, I dunno. But next weekend this is getting done and hopefully my psypher, too. ¬.¬
Tags: cosplay, sewing, velvet

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