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PS3 fun

I know I said I'd get those Ike photos up soon, but I really just don't feel like resizing and uploading and all that stuff at the moment. I'll get them up soon enough.

Work's been rather nice. We've been shelving and checking in, but we weren't really open to the public yet. Downside is that we have twenty bajillion DVDs that can't be set out because we don't have locks for them all. Whoops. Anyway, tomorrow we're opening and hopefully some of those'll get cleared out.

Also, I got Soul Calibur IV for the PS3. I usually just like to have at least one fighting game for my consoles for if people are over, but I really like this game... mostly because of the customization. So far my all time favorite is Seong Mi-na and, um, now I want to do some Soul Calibur cosplay. XD Also, yesterday Maggie came over and played with me and, well, today she went out and bought herself a PS3 and the game. By the way, Sony's retarded and did shit to the new 80GB PS3, but I won't go into detail about that now. I'm sure Maggie'll mention it when she gets internet back or posts at work or something. When Comcast gets off their lazy butts and fixes everyone's cable and internet, then she and I can beat each other up online all we want. XD FYI, Maggie conveniently likes Xianghua and is thinking of cosplaying her. Now we need someone manly/retarded enough to play Kilik, who cracks me up to no end. He has a in the air split kick that he does and yells "GIVE ME STRENGTH!" and it's just so freaking goofy looking. XD

Also, since school was canceled until Thursday, I didn't have class on Wednesday and got to go to iaido. Sensei was a little late due to slower traffic because of several lights still being out, and we went ahead and righted the small tree that had toppled over and chopped up the bush-tree... thing that snapped by the door. It felt good to kill invisible people again after the Ike-induced break. We celebrated Ike going away after class with sake and Japanese snacks that are meant for eating with tea and don't go so well with sake. FYI: I only had a few sips. I rather dislike the thought of getting tipsy.

Also also, I'm once again contemplating cutting my hair short. Will I? Will I not? Probably not since I chicken out every time.
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