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Halloween means that very little gets done at work. Mind that we did work, but Maggie was hot in her layers of clothes and didn't do much fast and I could not kneel on the floor comfortably because my knees were bare. XD Ah well.

Everyone who dressed up minus Jenny. I didn't realize it until now, but we never got a photo with Jenny! Sorry!!!

I'm the Library Barbarian.

Stupid Patterson can just die.

And have a photo of Maggie and her cat.

Kobie got to be Super Man! Or Dog! Whatever!! Isn't he cute~♥

A lot of the kids liked Kobie's costume, too.

Mom's pumpkin.


In the dark!

Dad didn't make one because he had to go into work to prepare for a job. He's back now that all the fun's over.
Tags: cosplay, holiday, kobie, life, photos, work

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