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One downside of sewing is MATH.

I didn't feel like actually sewing today so I fiddled around with making the patterns for the arm bits of my Atoli costume instead. Maggie also came over and we wore our dresses. The dress pattern was made to her because I'm a bit smaller and it's easier to take things in than out... but I'm also taller, so the bottom of the back of the dress was too high on me. e_e. So, next Sewing Saturday I don't feel like sewing I shall probably work on the hard prototype for the hat. I'm looking forward to carving upholstery foam for the real things. XD Maggie is going to finish turning the small lace black and I'll probably go ahead and work on the dress next week and finish my boot covers minus the gold at the tips.

Last night I started rereading Catch-22 and, um, I'd forgotten how AWESOME Yossarian is. Seriously. It sucked when I had to put it down and go to bed. XD So far I have three of five ideas for the book cover for Modeling III.
Tags: atoli, books, cosplay
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