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Siggraph 2009 was wild fun!

We met up at the Bush Intercontinental Airport at 8:00 and went through the gates for some fun waiting! It was my first time leaving through Bush Int. and I had no idea they linked up areas of the airport with trains. So I got to ride on a train AND fly all in one day. It was awesome. Yuting also got searched and it was funny.

The flight was fun. I haven't flown in ages. The pilot did an awesomely smooth job and we went up in the rickety old plane and landed safely in New Orleans.

We loaded ourselves up into our smooth ride (which was not the limo, but a bus) and made our way to the hotel, where we got our rooms, rested a bit, then went to the Red Eye Steak House that was behind the hotel, where we found a dinosaur fry. It was kind of sad to see it be eaten. I had popcorn shrimp and bread.

After eating we went to the huge convention center and got our badges. Sadly, the Exhibit Hall was closed on Monday, but there was plenty to do up on the third floor, where all the Asian college students brought and showed off their experimental technology. There was a lot of cool stuff: stuff that let you physically touch holograms and have them react, a Wii game that was powered by smelly breath, a plasticy goo that picked up your heat or something and had a camera above it to sense it and ultimately worked like a touch screen and more. It was pretty awesome up there. There was also a room full of stuff you could actually play with, including a free 3D print thing you could use. However, you had to sign up for a 2 hour time slot in which to model. I also got to mess with some motion capture technology. :D We went nuts up there for a while before meeting up with the group at 5:00 for roll call and dispersed. Henderson, Yuting, Austin and I all went down to Canal St. to get some McDonald's (it was a bit of a quest. e_e) at a McDonald's that doesn't give refills, then went across the street to Walgreens and bought ourselves some food supplies. Afterwards, Some of us went and checked out the bit Siggraph party a couple of blocks from the hotel. There was a lot of nerd dancing. I danced a bit, but only because there were nerds there dancing even worse than I did.

The next day Yuting and I went and played with the printer and I had a little Mexican wrestler head printed, then we checked out the Exhibit Hall and got lots of free stuff, including one of the limited edition (only 4,000 made!) Renderman Walking Teapots. It's cute. :D The higlight of the day was getting hit on by Quasi, Siggraph's robot mascot. He forgot about me the next day, though.

After a long day of walking around the convention we did even more walking. We went down Decatur St. and, since some of our group hadn't seen the Mississippi before, went and stared at it for a while. It was kind of nice just watching the Natchez; last time I was there I rode on it. We continued our merry way down and eventually Norm announced that he wanted to see Bourbon St., so we went down there. Henderson got kinda nervous in the gay area, but it didn't take long before some of our group were sporting beers or cigars. I had to pay $1 for my water.

Wednesday a small group of us signed up for the Art Wars competition at the Art Institutes booth. There were four of us total and one got in (but not me). It was awesome and I got to use a Cintiq and Cintiqs are sexy. I want one. Someday. Anyway, between signing up and actually doing it I got in line for a Pixar poster for Up. :D After this we went and hunted down the Disney room, which was located in a far back corner, and signed up for portfolio reviews/critiques. That was great, getting feedback. In the evening some of us hung out at the pool. The pool was nice and warm, perfect after all the walking so far.

We did more wandering around and workshop/talk things on Thursday and at the end of the day, three of us went and ate at a restaraunt off of Bourbon, then met up with the rest of the group that was going on the ghost tour. This was one thing I regretted not doing when I went to New Orleans in high school. e_e It was nice getting to hear some of the history and culture of the area.

Friday was the very last day of the trip. We did a lot of wandering around the convention center and I ate at the Red Eye Steak House again with a small group. At 3:00 we loaded on the bus and came home in a very awesome plane with TVs.
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