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Animefest stuff

I need to say that I will not have Atoli for Animefest. It's really sad. ;_; As I've mentioned before, I'm going to run a table and try to get some art to sell at the auction and, well, these things are of more importance since there is money involved. I plan on having Atoli done for Oni-con, where I will not be doing the art show and, while I plan on running a table, I will already have a large number of goods made. So the only new costume I shall have is Moko from Skip Beat and Maggie did pretty much all of the work on that. e_e Yay for hot pink cover alls!

Today I finished the basic painting of Gwendolyn and you can check out a cell phone photo of it. I'm doing the background tomorrow and adding the opaque highlights and softening some of the blue light on her face; it's a bit too strong. Also, once the background's in I may darken and tweak parts. I want to fiddle with my airbrush so I can airbrush some highlights in, but I have no idea if I'll get around to this. I also need to finish another painting, which is nearly half done and hopefully crank out a couple of quick marker or tiny acrylic pieces to put up. Markers are beautiful and fast. ♥ I have some cute tiny tiny canvas boards that I wanna do some Studio Ghibli stuff on, though. We'll see.

Ah~ I haven't looked forward to a convention this much in ages. I really hope my stuff sells. :D

Lab coats are really warm. I should start wearing this spattered old thing more.
Tags: animefest, art, atoli, cosplay, fanart, painting
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