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Animefest and schedules and more!

Animefest was overall a success! I made over $100 on my two paintings and almost got out of start-up hole in costs. I'm planning on selling at Oni-con (reserved already) and Animematsuri before A-kon, and hopefully after those I'll make more true profit.

It was weird, though, not just wandering around. I was discontent at first, but once I had finally done a full round of the convention I was quite happy to sit down at the table all day. XD And the days went by fast~ Also, it turns out that one of the people at the table next to us is a rigger and was at Siggraph and we chatted a lot once I noticed his Siggraph 2009 shirt. XD

As for cosplay, I uploaded new photos to my coscom account. We found an AWESOME stairwell there. ♥ Plus a surprising number of people were excited to see Maggie's and my Skip Beat costumes. XD

Drawing of the mom in my comic for Sequential Design. I'm trying to learn how to ink with a brush and I practiced on her. Sorry the inking kind of sucks.

Drew this, among other things, at Animefest. I originally wanted to draw something Steampunk but she wound up kind of WTF Victorian. If you have any suggestions, feel free to say them. Now I want to model her even though I'd hate myself forever for it.

1-5 Particle Systems

6-10 Broadcast Design

6-10 Animation Studio I

1-5 Industrial
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