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I have a break coming up starting on the 25th and that ends on October 4 and I'm considering taking five or so sketch commissions. Some sketch examples are here and here. Note that nowadays I use two to three colored pencils (often including graphite) when I sketch and you'd be welcome to pick the colors if you wish (I always use nonphoto blue for the large blocking, one color to rough, then a final one to clean up and define the character). If I do this, and if anyone's interested, You'd receive a high resolution scan and, if shipping is provided, I can send the original to you. I'll keep the right to display the drawing on my own sites and journal, but I will not reproduce it with the intent to sell it.

Prices I'm thinking of charging:

Shoulders and up: $5

Waist up: $7

Full body (Just standing or posed): $10

Background: Add $10 to your price

Clean-up and ink: Add $5 to your price
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