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I've decided to take five commissions! I will not begin working on them until Friday (9-25-09), but if you're interested, you're more than welcome to go ahead and ask. The sketch would look a bit like this or this, though I can do it in a more anime style or whatever if preferred!

Shoulders and up: $5

Waist up: $7

Full body (Just standing or posed): $10

Background: Add $10 to your price

Clean-up and ink: +$5

Color: +$10


Sketches will be done on paper. I will make a high resolution scan and e-mail it to the commissioner. If the commissioner wishes, I can also mail them the physical copy of the sketch as well if shipping is provided. I tend to sketch with 2-3 pencils, starting with non-photo blue. The commissioner can request the color of other two color pencils, one for roughing and one for clean-up. The character may have props, however if it is large and extremely complicated I may request additional pay. I'm willing to do tasteful nudes, but it the request is something really questionable I may refuse to do it.

I reserve the rights to display the sketch on my sites and accounts, however they will be lower resolution and I will not sell the work to another.


1. batto_man (from LiveJournal)
Commissioned: Full body with clean-up and ink
Progress: Complete

2. batto_man (from LiveJournal)
Commissioned: Full body with clean-up and ink
Progress: Not started, waiting for details

3. marshall
Progress: Not started, waiting for details and payment

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