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My new quarter starts tomorrow! My break was too short. I already posted my school schedule, but here's my work schedule for reference:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 10-2
Wednesday: 10-2
Thursday: 10-2
Friday: Off
Saturday: 10-2
Sunday: 1-4

This quarter I'm going to have no free time. Ever. e_e Except Thursdays and I'll probably be very "Holy crap homework" and stuff then.

In other news, I started a cute thing called Poupee Girl. You post photos of your clothes, make-up, and jewelry plus some other things and you get stuff to dress up your little doll. This is handy for me because I need to go through my closet anyway. e_e Link below if your interested. Of course, if you give me an e-mail and I can send you an invite and that way you'd get a cute friend gift~ Whatever works!

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