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First post in a while...


I hope everyone got what they want. I got a nifty Coolermaster HAF full tower case. Why? Because to keep my computer from overheating while rendering, I have to put my big floor fan in front of the open side door and blast it in. This makes for a very cold room fast and I'd hate to damage any of my hardware by overheating. I also got an assortment of other cool things from friends and coworkers. Thanks to Maggie, I now have a small collection of sock garters to go with my large collection of socks. XD I was only expecting one pair, though. Thank you Maggie.

Ummm... this last quarter was hell and I don't want to say too much about it, but I passed everything and next quarter will be much more normal.

On Monday I got a call from my friend Jason saying that a friend of Joe and Tracy's (two other friends of mine) who works for ILM was going to do the motion simulator at NASA. It was awesome! I had a sync of -2.5 and I was only 5 meters off the center on the landing, which is supposedly pretty good for your first try. Yay for video games? We also got a tour of where they all work and got to see the first space toilet. :D
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