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Crochet crochet crochet

My break is almost over! Monday is my first class! These short breaks go by so fast... I miss my long breaks from when I went to UH. Ah well.

Lately I've picked up crocheting again and started a little blog for it that you can find here. I'm afraid I got a bit addicted there for a while, but it seems to be dying down to a more normal level now. ^^;

I've also begun putting together a design for the A-kon t-shirt contest. I'm hoping to get a table there in the Artist Alley (wish me luck and speed in filling out the online form...) and if I happen to win the contest that'll make the trip much more affordable. I somehow doubt I will, since there are many other awesome designs entered, but there's no harm in trying for it. Feel free to wish me luck with this as well!

My work schedule for those who will find it handy:

Monday: 7-8:30
Tuesday: 10-2:30
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 10-2:30
Friday: off
Saturday: 10-2:30
Sunday: 1-5

Exciting! Not as crazy as expected, but still a bit odd for me. I hate working more than 4 hours. Something about that little bit of extra time makes it drag horribly.
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