January 6th, 2008



Yay! I have two monitors again!

I'd mentioned a few months ago at the dojo that I'd take anyone's CRT if they had one they didn't want. My secondary monitor died and I've been using just one for the past few months, which feels weird to me. XD Anyway, Ron said that he got an LCD and his wife wanted him to get rid of the old CRT so he gave it to me. I feels good to spread crap over two monitors, being the mega multi-tasker I am. XD

Off topic, but on Tokyotosho you can download the two trailers for .hack//G.U. Trilogy, the movie they're making of the G.U. games. It looks like it's gonna kick assss. I love the animation and modeling. I know some non-.hack geeks will whine about it not being realisic, but it takes place in a freaking game; hell it'll take several more years before in-game graphics for MMORPGs look that good. It looks all lovely and smooth and, watching the trailers, I'd forgotten what an angsty little jerk Haseo was at the start. He's definately come a long way. And there's a remix of Yasashii Ryoute~

Or I could link Youtube things, huh? There isn't one with subs uploaded, but if you get the torrents, they have subs. XD

Trailor 1. It's weird hearing the Japanese now. If it comes to the states, they better use the GU game actors. e_e You hear a bit of the Yasashii Ryoute remix at the end of this one.

Trailer 2. This one my favorite of the two.

Ovan's a bastard.

Damnit, now maybe I'll do three cosplays. Since the movie's coming out in March, I don't want to just drop my Atoli cosplay 'till next year. Maybe I'll try and have Velvet and Misaki (Darker Than Black) for A-kon and Atoli for Animefest...
Velvet Progress 2

Velvet Hood Update

Yay! I worked on my hood for Velvet! I even made a few Velvet icons to use just for my Velvet progress posts. XD

I still don't have the interfacing or the material for the stars, so all I did was cut out and assemble the two cones for the hood. I'll probably make patterns for the tabs tomorrow and maybe go ahead and assemble them.

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