January 10th, 2008


Bumming around

Whoo~ I've got 30 minutes before I have to leave for class. So I'll babble about yesterday's classes. XD

My first class was Drawing and Anatomy at 1:00 and, even though all he did was babble, the teacher was very interesting and the class went by very fast. Of course, I was also drawing some of the stuff he drew for something to do, but learning random stuff about how the bones work was quite nifty. He likes to randomly say "sex" to make sure we're paying attention, too, and he pulled out some of his work as well as old student work to show what he's looking for and what he's not. We have to hand write the title of the assignment as well as label various parts that we draw and right as I was thinking "...I'll have to print out fonts and trace those" he said that he did just that because he has horrible handwriting. XD It'll be a pain in the ass, this class, but at least it'll be interesting.

It also turns out that a bunch of my animation buddies from Acting and Movement are in my two Wednesday class so I went and had lunch at Panda Express with one of them. I'd never been there before and Mom and I have been curious for ages, and they're OK, just a bit pricey for the quality, I think. XD

at 6:00 I had Storytelling and Scriptwriting and I have the crazy animation teacher for that (I have him twice this quarter). He likes to make jokes about burning things in a fit of anger... yeah, he's got an odd sense of humor but he's funny. XD We went over the scriptwriting format because it's very exact (didn't know that!) and the differences between writing for animation and writing for live action. In animation you need to include as many details as you can, apparently, because the story board artists will go to town and make crazy stuff up if you leave out something like where the scene is taking place. Where he worked before, they seemed to like dinosaurs in space. After all this, we watched A Goofy Movie and read a script for a Garfield episode (I played Swindler). It was a lot of fun and it didn't quite feel like 9 hours at school, even if it did feel weird not leaving after the first class. XD

Today I have Digital Illustration and 2D Animation Studio I: Cel; I'll babble about that tonight or tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow my Joanne's coupon is good, so I'll probably go and buy the interfacing for my hood and something gold that I like for the stars and stuff; Mom and I are going to do some running around anyway. I also want to drop by Hancocks in search of the allusive black cotton lycra and see if they have any nice blue suiting material on sale for my Misaki cosplay.
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No more school this week

Today I had my last to classes of the week: Digital Illustration and 2D Animation I. Illustration was rather boring because, well, I already know how to use Illustrator and all we did all day was go over the bare basics, such as how to make shapes and change the colors and the stroke and stuff. Yeah. Plus the network for the Macs hates me because it wouldn't let me log into the account and mystified the tech guy, so I had to be logged in as a general student. I wanted to customize my settings for fun. Ah well. XD

For the hour between I hung around with some of my animation friends again (thank goodness there are so many XD) and ate.

2D Animation I was interesting because I knew very few people in it; it's usually a class you take your third quarter or later and, well, this is my second. At least I met more people. XD We learned how to fill out a timing sheet, about story boards and how the "lunch box" (what we call the device that shoots each frame because it supposedly looks like a lunch box. Dunno.) is supposed to work and such. I have to create a character sheet and do a very rough story board for the animation as homework.

Alrighty, I'm tired and I feel like bumming around and not thinking much. I'm probably going to go to bed soon. XD
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