January 13th, 2008

Snot bubble

What? Li rendered in pencil???

Nothing much to report. I've acquired the gold fabric for Velvet and I need to make a butt load of big stars. I need to figure out how big, first. Illustrator will make star pattern making easy... I love Illustrator.

Also, while I was shopping at Hancock because they were having a huge sale plus I had an additional 10% off the total coupon, I got my pattern for my Misaki cosplay and, right when I was thinking "I guess I'd better keep an eye out for the perfect fabric..." they had it. So...I got that, too. XD

For Drawing and Anatomy, Henderson also wants the class to do observational drawing in our sketchbooks. Now, it's been AGES since I last rendered something in graphite; nowadays I tend to use charcoal. So, even though it's not as smooth as it could be, I here's a crappy photo of the drawing of my mouse I just did. Collapse )
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