January 14th, 2008

Velvet Progress 3

Hangin' in the hood

Um. Nothing much to say, really.

My stars for Velvet are all ready to be affixed to the hood and, when I actually make it, the head wrap. Took much longer than I expected because the original plan didn't work. So instead they're just fixed to some fusable interfacing with an ass load of adhesive sprayed on the back to keep them from raveling. Let's all hope it holds up. It should; I sprayed at least 5 thin layers. Then they'll get a layer of mounting spray when they go on the hood and nothing can defeat the power of mounting spray. XD

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One last thing: I finally caved in and bought a wig swatch ring. I'm tired of peering at the screen trying to figure out what color's best. ¬.¬
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