February 2nd, 2008

Screw it!

Post sick and marker high

Yo! I'm no longer "sick" but I'm still not fully recovered. Even though my sinuses want to drown me, the rest of my body's OK and I don't have a fever! Yay!

However, I tried to go into work today and almost stayed my full time, but I just couldn't manage my last hour; dusty libraries and recovering from a cold don't go well together. However, I did tag along with Maggie to the Texas Art Supply so that she could get her acid dyes and I bought some markers to add to my tiny collection. All the guys at school are good at markers and now I'm all jealous and I want to be good at them, too.

Yes, I would so jump off a cliff.

I was torn between Copic and Prsima, then I saw AD markers by Chartpak that I've never used and bought those instead. They work quite nicely with Prismas, by the way, and blend and such, but they really stink. I think I'm going to stick with Prismas for the most part and only buy AD when they have a color Prisma doesn't or something. I want more Copics, but they're expensive, so maybe I'll treat myself to a few every now and then. I mostly like them for skin tones, I think.

That said, I finally started to actually experiment with markers. I've played with them here and there, but I never had proper marker paper and, well, it looked crappy. A huge 50 page 14"x17" marker pad came with my kit from school and I decided to play on a page in that. I knew this already, but damn paper makes a difference with markers. I still suck terribly, but not as badly as I'd thought. XD

Anyway, here's a random doodle I did. Don't ask me what's going on with the lighting 'cause I don't know, I was just playing. And my inking fails, as usual. Anyway, used Prisma and AD on the hair and Copic on the skin. No, I was not trying to stay in the lines very hard. First thing colored was the left half of the bangs, which is why they suck the most, even if it all sucks. It also looks rather Shana-ish since I have more red and yellows than anything. Damn you Shakugan no Shana and my weird obsession with that show.

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I didn't get anything done on my costume today even though Saturdays are my sewing days. I'm taking a day off because I'm feeling crappy and don't want to think. I'll pick up my sewing again next weekend and hopefully have myself a butt cape.
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