February 5th, 2008


Pre-A-kon Stress

A-kon finally posted their rules for the cosplay contest. Even I know what to expect, I find the sign-up for the contest very, very stressful, not only because you have to sit there for a really long time, but also because of the 50 walk-on limit they place. It'd suck terribly to work hard for a contest and be unable to enter.

I just hope they set up two seperate lines ahead of time instead of making one big one, then seperating it, then making the walk-on line sit around for ages again. A large con like A-kon should plan for this sort of thing more. ¬.¬

Also, I've decided to make some art to sell at the con. I have a butt load of watercolors and nothing to do, so I'm going to do some stuff. Namely Shakugan no Shana 'cause I suck at shoujo art, but I want to do swooshy shiney art and Shana has bad ass and shiney. XD I may do some marker things, too, if I feel like it. But I'm probably going to submit for a panel next week just so I'll be forced to enter or loose the pre-reg money.

Back to drawing~
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