February 8th, 2008

Haseo shocked

Old men and haircuts

:D :D :D Yesterday we shot some of my animation roughs with the lunchbox and I got to see it move! MOVE! My old man is limping gloriously. This makes me so very happy, even if three hours of work only made about 5 seconds of animation. :D Also, my rubber duckie portrait was well recieved. :D

Today I got my hair trimmed 6". Don't worry, it's still below the shoulders a bit, but it's quite a bit shorter, and since the lady didn't ask if I wanted to donate it to cancer victims, I took the hair. free hair to bleach and dye for wefting if I ever need some extra floof in a wig, though I'll have to cosplay a SHORT haired character first. I took a photo and decided to practice making a serious face in prep for Velvet. I usually wind up looking bored when I try to look serious. *lame* XD Collapse )
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