February 18th, 2008

worm WTF

An update???

Yo! I haven't posted in a while! XD

Nothing much has happened lately besides school and work. My raise should be on my next paycheck.

I left 2D early this last Thursday, so I've been working on my animation here and there at home. I'm actually getting faster! :D Also, my art desk is slowly being suped up. I now have what's really a book case styled DVD shelf behind my desk to put my pencil boxes, cans, etc on instead of on the edges of the desk, so now I have one big open area to work on. Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but my two desks used to be on opposite sides of the room and shared a chair. Needless to say, moving the chair is a pain. Now they're all in one corner and I find working at the art desk much more convenient than it was before. :D

I didn't get any sewing done this weekend 'cause I've been drawing for school instead. However, I did wash a couple of wigs last week and took photos because people like Debbie like that sort of thing. Collapse )

SO. Next week I get to do some pattern drafting for my Velvet top and if I have time, pleat, like, 9 feet of tiny pleats. Excluding those arm puffs. God I hate pleating. At least I'll enjoy the drafting part.

Also, William! Emily-sensei was asking about you. All I could tell her was that you were still alive and posting random youtube videos... or that someone was logging into your account and doing it for you.

Now g'night. I have to get up and register for my next quarter in person because the Art Institute is retarded and has no online or call in registration. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't have any Thursday or Friday classes next quarter. If I do, it'll be a lonely drive up to Dallas for A-kon.

Mission Accomplished

So, I don't have any classes Thursday or Friday! Yay!

Here's my school schedule for next quarter:

1:00-5:00 Storyboarding

1:00-5:00 Life Drawing and Gesture
6:00-10:00 Digital Imaging

First session: History of Animation

I really wanted to take History of Animation with Henderson, but it was only available on Friday. However, one nice thing about having it first session is that it'll be done in about five and a half weeks, so when A-kon rolls around, I'll only be taking three classes. Yay! For the few who know anything about AI teachers, Richert's for the first two and Digital Imaging is with someone I've never met with the last name Agresta.

Also, I got a certificate for being on the Dean's List. Apparently my GPA as of last quarter is 3.7. Lets see if I can keep that up.

Also again, I apparently got my math wrong and accidently worked 45 minutes more than necessary at work. Ah well, I was already a bit short to begin with. XD
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