February 21st, 2008

Snot bubble

Nothing much!

I'm angry. I worked my ass off to finish my hand bone drawing for Anatomy early and wrote the call outs last night, only to find out in the critique that I did the title slightly tilted. Damnit. I hate it when I screw up little things like that. Especially when the teacher's a perfectionist and can spot that shit from accross the room. ¬.¬ Well, at least the rendering's nice. XD

Also, Maggie, I forgot to mention it before, but I pulled what was left of the 6's in the nonfiction at work and started shifting the large type. However, I can only shift LT for so long before the pounds of dust that fall start suffocating me. It's pretty awesome when books on a row topple over. It's almost like it's snowing in Texas. XD

As much as I hate saying this, I think I'm going to start dusting LT regularly. *shudders*

I don't want to do taxes, but I need to do my FAFSA!
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