March 3rd, 2008


Home and happy

Well, I got home at around 6:30 yesterday and went to bed eeeearly. So far I feel pretty good, save for my right arm. One day I'll get a lighter iaito. Also, before anyone asks, I probably won't know if I passed or not until summer.

Besides feeling sore, this is the best I've felt after a weekend event. Usually I go barefoot on that horrid gym floor they have there (concrete and very thin carpet), but this year I decided to test out Emily-sensei's trick: cutting insoles to put in a pair of tabi that are slightly too big. It worked beautifully.

Also, when I came back yesterday, Fat Bob and family were gone! Yay! I wonder when the new people move in.
Forgot to shave

WTF Sony?

Well, you know how I was gonna get an 80gig PS3 for my birthday? That grand plan was thwarted by none other than SONY.

Apparently they're holding back the 80 gigs so that they can release a new bundle with the new Metal Gear Solid 4 and a shiny new controller, which is all well and good, but this bundle doesn't come out until freakin' JUNE. So, I'm not getting my pretty PS3 that I was all happy about until JUNE. AND THERE ARE NO 80 GB PS3S IN TOWN. It wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't seen the 80gig PS3 in the GameStop in the Galleria and thought "oh, lets wait for the Sunday paper to see if anyone has any specials." Damn Sony.

However, Mom was all upset because she wanted to get me something for my birthday (and she was disapointed, too, 'cause she didn't get her blu-ray player), so she willingly bought me a used PSP, which is in perfect condition, and went ahead and bought two games. Sure, this was probably a bit much, but she said that she isn't going to A-kon so it's no big deal. And she wants the PS3 anyway for the blu-ray player part, so she said we can place a pre-order when that opens up.

By the way, the two games she got me were Patapon and Brave Story. I still want me some Final Fantasy, but they didn't have it in at that particular GameStop

That said, having always played Nintendo handhelds, I had no idea that the PSP required a memory card. XD So tomorrow I'm buying a memory card for it... luckily I don't need a huge one because I don't plan on using it as an MP3 player; I have an iPod for that. I also need to get it a case 'cause they only had cases for the PSP Slim in and this is an original PSP.

So, I put in Brave Story and I've played that some and I'm enjoying it so far. I haven't touched Patapon because I don't want to loose what I have on Brave Story so far. ¬.¬ Stupid memory card.
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