March 5th, 2008


My PSP is now has a home!

Yay! My PSP now has its own case. I tried Walmart, but they had almost nothing, so we went to Fry's, and they didn't have what I wanted. However, while we were there, Mom was eyeing some of the "games" and asked "...Aren't these movies?" So I explained to her that you can get movies on UMD disks to play on the PSP. Now Mom wants some, even though I think they're a bit silly. However, we now get our eyebrows done at the Galleria and she winds up sitting around for many hours at the school. She usually takes my laptop, but she doesn't like "lugging" around my 17" Loki and thus is plotting to maybe get herself some UMD movies, unless I go and get some mp4 versions of some and stick them on my memory card.

Anyway, we then went to GameStop, where I found what I considered the perfect case with a bunch of stuff for $20. Now my PSP is much more spoiled than my DS. XD
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