March 9th, 2008

Drawing (animated!)

Didn't you sew?

Nothing much to say! I mostly just wanted to show off my first animated icon. I'm usually too lazy to bother. XD I was originally trying to find a scene where Nagi in Hayate no Gotoku was playing video games, but couldn't, and instead made a few other icons. Whoops.

Anyway, most of what I accomplished today was going over and helping Maggie with her wings and playing games. I got no sewing or anything done on my costume. In fact, I still need to finish pleating, but I'm procrastinating horribly because I don't like pleating. XD

Anyway, I played Brave Story on the PSP while I wasn't doing much at Maggie's. I still love that game, even if the idea of having a third traveler is kinda... fanficy. I love the story and the world so much that I don't care. And I enjoy the game. Meena's so cute in it! And I still love Kee Keema. Sogreth, the waterkin that Tatsuya gets to hang out with, is cool, but he's tough cool. Kee Keema's cute. And Yuno's cute, but wears questionable clothes. Also, I played Odin Sphere, but I mostly ran around leveling. :3