March 12th, 2008

Velvet Progress 3


So! Today I went over to Maggie's to supervise her wing making because... I'm a good supervisor, I guess. XD Also, while there I made some small progress on my pleats. :D ...Though the newer pleats are much nicer than the first one. I doubt I'll redo it, but I'm definitely undoing some of the pins and making some of the seams nicer. Hopefully I'll have them all done by Saturday and I can start putting together the top, though I doubt I'll finish the top this week. I still need to dye my underwire thingy black and when I do I'm tossing my lace for her mantilla in, too. Crap, I also need to get my black seam binding for my grand experiment in cleavage tops.

That sounds so weird.

Her wings, by the way, are bad ass and made of win, despite the first bump in the road. I can't wait to see them finished~♥

Ah, also for Velvet, I found the tip for making lazy-looking eyes like she has and tried it. By putting eyeliner on the crease of your eyes, it makes it stand out more... I'm not clever enough with make-up to figure this out myself. XD Yay for eyelids. Sadly, I took no photos, but I plan on doing another make-up test sometime.
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