March 26th, 2008

I love doggies


I haven't gotten to post about it yet, but yesterday I went to the zoo! :D Mom and I saw just about everything except the bat. :D :D :D

Sifakas are freaking CUTE. They were right up in the front and seemed to be rather interested in the humans gawking at them. XD One kept eating stuff and the other was like "Where the hell are you finding that shit!?!?" XD The annoyed one even walked a bit and the hop in a very silly way. XD

I also got to see the African wild dogs, but they were napping in the shade. They were cute, though. :D I kinda wanted to see their big round ears, but ah well. XD The lions were also napping, but they were right up in the front near one of the glass portions, so it was OK.

I'll say more later when I post photos. Sifakas!

FYI, I got A's in all my classes except Anatomy, in which I got an A-. Maintained my 3.7, yo.

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