March 31st, 2008

How did this...?

Sifakas and markers and creeps!

Yo! Tomorrow I go back to class! I don't know if it's a good thing or not that Richert's my first teacher. XD

Also, I finally looked it up and Daido, the Japanese food market in Houston, isn't very far from the AIH at all. So tomorrow I'm plotting to leave early to drop by there. It's been a while. XD

Ah, also I don't feel like posting all my zoo photos, but Collapse )

In other news, I started playing with markers. I drew one of Maggie's characters, Ravensfall, a while back and inked it on marker paper. I finally decided to get around to coloring it.

Collapse )

Also, the only one who probably knows this is Maggie, but there's been a boom of Spanner and Tsuna stuff going on in the Reborn! comm. I couldn't resist doodling Spanner, but I did resist him doing pedo things because I'm not that creepy no matter how dirty most people think my mind is.

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