April 3rd, 2008

Velvet Progress 2

!$!@#!% YES

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Now that that's said, let me review my first week of the semester! On Tuesdays I have Storyboarding, which seems fun enough. I now have an excuse to get my parents to buy my markers, which is a nice break for me. XD I still need to get started doing the roughs for our first assignement. Yay for animation classes!

My first class on Wednesday is Life Drawing and Gesture, in which we draw naked people. I like drawing naked people. XD The assignments in this class are much less restricted than in, like, anatomy, so it should be fun, even if it's still a pain because it's a Richert class.

Last is Digital Imaging, where we play in Photoshop. Conveniently, half my class is animation. XD Our teacher is from New Jersey and still isn't used to the constant swearing we Texan students seem to use (he said that when he taught in New Jersey, he'd kick a student out for talking the way we do) and we got to draw goofy scenery pictures to practice using the brush tool. Honestly, I fell asleep during his intro to Photoshop. Whoops. At least I was behind a wall of computers? Also, he was amazed by how roudy animation students were. I don't think he's used to having a bunch of animation students in a room together at all.

Also, thanks fo_and_fie for the .hack//G.U. Trilogy OST. ♥ Those wallpapers will be nice reference for when I do my Trilogy Atoli cosplay for Animefest. XD
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