April 28th, 2008


Just slackin'


Just giving a quick update and taking a break from coloring shit for Storyboarding.

My online class, History of Animation ends next week, thank god, and I'll only have three classes to worry about. Not that it was that hard or stressful of a class, but that's still one less thing to worry about. Also, after my Life Drawing assignment that's due Wednesday, I have four weeks to do the next assignment. Yay! I swear I won't slack until the last week. Seriously.

Last week was the last day of the anime club at the library until the fall, so I'll get to do a crap ton more sewing on Thursdays now. Hopefully I'll get a good chunk of my top done this Thursday. FYI, I fixed the underwire and it is now on the side it's supposed to be on and I've got my ruffles tacked down and ready to baste. Lets hope the ruffle basting goes well.

Jesus, it's already going to be May and I still have to finish Velvet outfit, make my suit for Misaki, finish styling the wigs (Yay for Misaki's being simple...), and make the psypher for Velvet. By the way, I got my 7' of plastic chain for the psypher (and the links have FLASH sticking off them. FLAAAAAASH!!! I'm so going in with my knife and tiny files and getting rid of that crap. Because I'm obsessive about that and I don't want my chain snagging my stockings...), my near-as-possible to what Misaki has toy gun and my glasses for Misaki. The lenses WILL NOT pop out of the plastic frames, though, so I'm probably going ot have to whip out my emergency windshield shatterer thingy and break the lenses out.

Yesterday, Emily-sensei handed out certificates. I was surprised; we don't usually get the things until sometime in the summer. I'm now officially a yondan in Seitokai ranking in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. Yay! We also have new people for the first time in ages. Sensei pointed out that for the first time since the first batch of shodan, we have no shodan. At all. I hope the new people stick around...

Now to go back to coloring drawings of The Pimp Named Slickcat.