May 1st, 2008


I can breath easier now...

Rejoice, for school this week is over!!!

Mr. Richert loved my group's storyboard very much. Which is a good thing because we worked our asses off. XD Monday we got up and met at the school at 9:00 to color, then got up again Tuesday before class at 8:00 and finished everything. Plus we finished about an hour and a half before class (which was at 1:00) so we went over to the Galleria to celebrate over lunch. As much of a pain as that storyboard was, it was really rather fun to do with a group of people. Yay for hooker swans and sex changes. XD

Also today I turned in my Life Drawing thing and my online class work is done for this week. Well, except commenting on other people's stuff but that's not hard. XD Next week is the last week of that.

I'm glad Mr. Richert is a firm believer putting the hard work at the beginning of the quarter and saving the easy stuff for last. Now I'll have more free time than I did before. Yay!

Of course, there's also Digital Imaging... but that's pretty simple. ¬.¬

Aaaand tomorrow I am SEWING like mad and I kinda told D I would do another Velvet make-up test. Yay for no more anime club. XD
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