May 10th, 2008


In which I freak out


Only a few more weekends unti A-kon. Damn my school for ending the quarter the week AFTER A-kon. This only gives me a few days a week to work on things because I need the other few I'm not in class to work on assignments. So today I'm drawing and sewing like mad to get as much done today as possible to try and get myself a little ahead. Hopefully.

If worst comes to worst, I may wind up with non-glowy psypher crystals for A-kon. ;_; We'll see. I want them to glow~~~

Also, my room mates, don't be shocked if I spend Thursday of the con styling wigs or hopefully just finishing styling them. Damnit. Off to work.

After all this, I'm not entirely sure I'll want to make Atoli's .hack//GU Trilogy outfit for Animefest. XD But then I will be a part-time student or take off next quarter... hnnn.