May 12th, 2008

How did this...?

Ah, I have more time!

...I've been saying that the last week of school is the week after A-kon... but it's the second week after A-kon. I'm awesome.

This is also a relief, because this pushes back all my final project due dates a week. XD Hurrah!

Anyway, next quarter I'm going to be part-time with only two classes. However, I could only register for one today because the other is online and now, even if you've taken and passed online classes, you have to go clear it with the guy in charge of online classes.

Who wasn't scheduled to arrive until 11:30, and it was about 8:30 at that point.

Yeah. I go to work at 10. So tomorrow I'm going to pop over to his office before class and get signed up for it.

You used to be able to do it with just the registration person, but apparently too many people are too lazy to keep up with online classes and fail, so you have to get special permission now.

As much as I enjoy this school, I get very annoyed with this sort of thing, especially after going to a school like UH where they give you your online login info and wish you luck. As far as I'm concerned, if you take something and are stupid enough to waste money failing it, it's your problem. But at the same time I do find the school's concern for the students touching... I just hate it when it interferes with convenience. I also wish we had online registration, but apparently most people do not read prerequisits for classes and screw up course selection on their own. Driving 75 miles round trip just to register is a pain, you know.

So, next quarter on Wednesdays I'm taking Character and Object Design from 6-10 and hopefully I'll take Typography during the first online session. So for half of the quarter I'll only be taking one class. Even though I'm doing this for money reasons... the break sounds niiiice.

Also, I swear the song that was playing when I entered the song playing below was chosen by iTunes shuffle. How ironic...