May 17th, 2008


Not much done today

Unfortunately, I can't get much done on Fridays. However, I did finally check out the new wig store in town. It has a shit ton of loose and wefted extension hair for good prices, which is awesome, however its target customers seems to be black women, so it mostly stocks shades of brown. That said, there're still lots of other colors, too, but not as much as brown. Makes me damn happy, though, 'cause ordering this sort of thing online tends to make me nervous and, well, you have to pay shipping. I wound up buying a package of 6 nice clip-in extentions to put on the bottom of my wig for $20, so wefting and sewing in things is one less thing to worry about.

Also! It's been decided that suit Misaki shall be pushed back a bit. Instead I'm going to do casual Misaki and D may do casual Hei because we still have our wigs and just lack the time to sew together the outfits we were going to do. Maggie seems to still want to make her Yin cosplay, which is awesome, too. Collapse )

Don't worry, I'm still doing suit Misaki, just not for A-kon. I feel lighter now that I don't have make a suit in three days. XD

My Velvet wig is mostly pulled up in the back, however I'm not entirely happy with it and it wasn't until I was done that I'd realized that it would be easier and look nicer if I'd had someone hold the wig head upside down while I pulled it back. So. Tomorrow I take it down and try this.

Now for my day, because I haven't had a "I had a nice day that included something other than cosplay" post in a while! Mom and I went out and ate lunch at Masa Sushi and I had a thing of tako for the first time in ages. I love octopus~ it's so yummy.

Also, tomorrow Clear Lake Iaido (the dojo I'm with) is doing a demonstration of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu at the Evelyn Meador Library in Seabrook. Short notice, but if anyone local happens to want to come and see, it's at 11:00 AM. This is one of those rare years we do more than one demonstration.

In other news... I've noticed that I swear quite a bit on my journal. Maybe I shouldn't...