May 19th, 2008

Don't mess with me

Who needs crystals?

Grah. I cut out the bits of crystal for my Psyphers, only to find out afterwards that if I knock an inch off of one side, it'll be the perfect size. God damnit, I hate it when I screw up. Now I need to go back and make one side of every triangle an inch shorter. Stupid prop. Anyway, Maggie took some photos of the progress and I'm too lazy to talk about it besides mentioning that I'm an idiot. Also, I got my LED wiring crap, though I don't think the LEDs I got are bright enough. I may buy some others to play with. We'll see.

Also, I re-pulled back my Velvet wig and it looks nicer now.

I'm going to have to finish this shit next weekend, probably. I have homework to do tomorrow. I'm doing a creepy sewing nightmare for my final storyboard assignment... I originally wanted to think up something funny, and I did have a funny idea that I couldn't think of a good, non-lame ending for, but the nightmare short story was complete and I doubt anyone else will do anything like this. So tomorrow I have to sketch out the roughs and I want to get a little done on my life drawing assignment. Afterwards I may sit around and cut down my crystal triangles some. Stupid crystals. Why was I so dead set and having them glow?

Well, Wednesday night it looks like I'll get to go see the new Indiana Jones movie at midnight! Maggie arranged a group to go and, conveniently, the only time I can see movies without it interfering with anything is late at night. So, depending on when we're supposed to meet, I'll probably be heading over there right after school 'cause I get out at 9:00~10:00. XD

Ah, my ankle was mysteriously hurting today, or rather the muscle that ran along my fibula hurt. Because of the damn thing, I missed iaido because it hurts specifically when I put weight on the ball of my foot and made work rather difficult. Well, not really. I mostly sat around in one place, I guess, and there were shelves to cling to while I got up on one foot when I was shelving. XD It doesn't hurt as bad now. I think the muscle was probably just sore for some reason.