May 27th, 2008


Damn wiring

Well, I'm done with my costume save that I still need to glue the crystals into place and hook up the wires to the LEDs. I'm going to do this tomorrow morning before school. Hurrah.

I'd like to say "After A-kon I can finally rest!" but no, I haven't done much at all on my final projects for school. I was supposed to work on them a bit today and yesterday but... yeah. So that last week before the last week of school I'll still be going strong in "oh shit" mode. ¬.¬

I'm kinda pissed I slacked off on this costume so much. I really wanted to make my Misaki suit and I registered for the art show (goodbye $12 registration fee~), but because it took me over a month to do those damn pleats because I'm a lazy wimp, I had no time. And I get to keep going strong in "oh shit" mode after the con. I'm such an idiot. Ah, and my prop and wig not quite as awesome as I wanted them to be. Ah well. I may add more hair to my hairloops later.

Sorry to make this post when other people who are going have much more work than I do...
Misaki Progress 2

Misaki or not

Well, now that Velvet's almost completely done, I may get to alter my shirts for Misaki. I'm not telling anyone hurry up and get stuff togeither for their DTB cosplay, I'm only doing this because it'd be a simple outfit for Sunday. All I'd need to do is take my wig off for the car ride home. That said, it's still a maybe. When I painted the black parts of my psypher yesterday, I went ahead and did my glasses blue, though. XD