May 28th, 2008

Forgot to shave


Turns out that the battery holders are cheap pieces of crap. I got them working, but I have no idea if they'll keep the LEDs going all con. Don't ask for details, but I'm getting new ones after the con.

Also, Misaki is so dropped. Saudering (spelling?) those damn things took too long.

So, this year it looks like it'll be Emeraldas on Friday and Velvet on Saturday. Hurrah. Unless by some miracle I feel like altering that shirt tomorrow.

Also also, It turns out that Cosworx has a wig in a perfect color for Atoli. It seems the sathura in the wig I got before won't take color well and it's too light, so I may be reselling it and getting this other wig, which'll need a bit of clipping and curling, but that's doable. Especially if I do the wig not at the last minute. ¬.¬ God, already planning for Animefest...
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