June 3rd, 2008

Better days...

Damn crappy sicknessiness

Yo. I did, in fact, survive A-kon 19! I've just been busy drawing, slacking off, drawing more, and napping briefly to make any posts about it. I caught the con crud while there and I have final projects to work on. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better than I did yesterday and earlier today, though.

I had a ton of fun, though it seems that the majority of the con attendees hated this year's A-kon.

My highlights of the con:
-Floofing emukatze and techn0ir's Chrome and Mukuro wigs. I've discovered that I greatly enjoy floofing wigs. XD
-Taking photos of their costumes in the stairwell. The lighting was a great challenge and my photography skills suck. XD
-Finding a crap ton of Leiji Matsumoto series goods. I now have a model of the Arcadia, Queen Emeraldas, and Galaxy Express 999, plus a Harlock towel. The geek in me rejoices.
-The sign-up for the cosplay contest was organized
-I won a judge's award for my Velvet.

I'll post some photos and stuff later.
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Drawing (animated!)

Pencil shortage!!!

Ah. I got up early to work on the Life Drawing project, which is still due Wednesday (but thankfully my final storyboard is due next week. Hahaha...), but I've run out of certain prismacolors I need. Well, I'm glad I got all I got done done. XD I'm probably going to bring it along to school with me because I tend to get there an hour early if there's no traffic and school is where I was going to pick up more pencils. Damnit, why couldn't I do this thing in watercolor? So much faster and my hand hurts~ *whines shamelessly about the mess she's gotten herself into~~*

Also, I feel a LOT better than I did yesterday. However, I'm still talking like a frog.
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