June 7th, 2008

Coffee spit!

Mysterious noises in the night...

God. I just watched episode 8 of Toshokan Sensou.

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Also, Maggie, I keep forgetting to mention it but my copy of Zahn's Dragon and Liberater came in yesterday. I've been reading it on and off. I'm nearly done now, so you can borrow it when you get back.

OK, now to talk about something freaky that's been going on in the attic.

Thursday night at 2:30 while I was talking to D and some other people, I started hearing a strange knocking sound coming from the ceiling and/or wall between my room and the den. It sounded a lot like someone bouncing a tennis ball. I figured it was Kobie knocking it against the wall, but it would happen several times, pause, then do it some more, and the pattern never changed. I finally went and looked around the wall into the den and Kobie wasn't in there. Needless to say, it was creepy.

Friday night at around 2:00, I was in bed reading the Zahn book when I started hearing it in the attic again. Up in bed only a few feet from the ceiling, there was no doubt it was coming from the ceiling and not the wall. Only last night it was wandering, unlike Thursday when it stayed by the wall. It would make the bouncy sound by the wall, then by the door, and other places above my room, then when it did it right above me (at around 3:00), I decided to go downstairs and inform my parents that something was in the attic. Mom came up and listened, but it was quiet.

Today at around 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening while I was talking to Maggie on the cell phone, it started doing it again. Naturally, I shouted for my parents (poor Maggie was so confused) so they could hear it too and Dad came up and heard it and agreed that yes, it did sound like someone was bouncing around a ball up there and yes, it is very creepy. It was moving around this time too, from by the wall, to by the door where he was, to above my bed, and around some more. He then went up into the attic and looked around and didn't see anything and, naturally, as soon as he went up there the sounds stopped. It would've been creepy if he'd found a tennis ball, though. Anyway, he set up some mouse traps and stuff just in case and told me that if I hear a lound clunk tonight to come get him so that he could check the traps. He's really curious, too, now, because what the hell makes sounds like a bouncing ball? He tried turning on the AC manually and we listened and turned it off and we listened some more and concluded it has nothing to do with the AC. Mom, who hasn't heard it yet suggested it was a water drip but both Dad and I agreed that it was definitely something solid making the knocking sounds. Anyway, it's been quiet since Dad went up there. I hope it stays quiet tonight. e_e

Also, it's not just a knock. It's one loud one and then it progressively gets quieter and faster, like someone dropped a ball. Sometimes it'll happen over and over, then it'll pause for as long as 10 minutes or so, then it'll do it again. It's creeeeepy.
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