June 12th, 2008

Oh yeah!

Slack time


I feel all light and happy now.

My plans for the next few days are:

Thursday: Play .hack

Friday: Cut out patterns and fabric for my Misaki suit. Play .hack after iaido.

And dunno what else. I've been itching to play video games, though. My PS3 ships tomorrow and should arrive next week or early the following and I'm getting Grand Theft Auto IV because I want it, then I'll also have Metal Gear Solid 4 because it comes with the system. I probably should've asked some of the guys at school how to contact them on the PS3 internet thingy but oh well...

Anyway, I'd go play games now but I'm too busy having fun sitting on my ass doing nothing. This is nice.

Edit: Part of the above is wrong. I checked my order status on my PS3 and it left Louisville, Kentucky today. And for some reason was upgraded to three day select. Not that I mind, of course. It's scheduled to arrive on Monday. :D
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