June 16th, 2008

Face art

Not again...

I'm once again contemplating cutting my hair short or shoulder length and layered. As much as I hated the bangs when they were longer, they were kind of nice when they were the right length.

Really this means that I'll sit around whining about it for a couple of days and finally chicken out.

Also, Maggie, I wrote the letter for the letter game, I just need some appropriate paper to hand write it on.
Haseo pissed

PS3 ;_;

It's after 5:00 and my PS3 still isn't here. I was hoping it'd get here in time to set it up and at least mess with it a bit before I left for game night (first one in a month...) at 6:00, but that doesn't look like it'll happen now.

I bet it shows up right before I leave are right after. Just to spite me.

However, my green Arcadia did come in. I got all excited because there was a knocking and I was like "OMFG PS3!!!" And went charging, but it was the Arcadia. I'm still happy. I had to take them all out of the boxes and set them up even though I haven't cleared off shelf space yet. I even took a few photos I'll post later. XD
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