July 17th, 2008

Drawing (animated!)

First day back

School was fun today, starting with the ride up there. I won't go into much detail, but the lines for the intersection for the 610 feeder and Westheimer were weird for a very long time and, during the break, the City of Houston apparently decided to fix them so that they're like the lines at every other intersection. I, however, did not know this until it was too late and I could not take a left turn. So I got to do a U turn at the next light and get caught in south-bound traffic for a bit before getting on Westheimer to get to school. Thank goodness I leave early. >.<

I got to the school early enough to settle my attendance thing (damn online classes keep messing up even though I did, in fact, post and/or upload stuff when I was supposed to) and got my free parking.

One nice thing about going to a small college is that after the first couple of quarters, you know just about everyone in your major that's at your level of the program, so I already knew everyone in my class, Character and Object Design. We watched a thing on the designing of some of the Looney Toons characters before doing some drawing warm-ups, then we got split into groups and given assignments. Pretty much we all had to design the character described on the sheet individually, then look at all the ideas and make a final characer based on them. I wound up being the final sketch person. Ours was a weather goddess and she wound up having a skimpy torn up dress, huge boobs, a cape, and a staff with a windsock (the cape was my idea. For the staff I wanted to do one of those chicken wind thingies but the damn wind sock won.) and a stereotypical viking helmet. It's fun designing characters with a bunch of boys. XD

I've been reading my textbook for Typography and... um... god damn. Now I keep looking at fonts and noticing things I didn't know before. It's really kind of annoying...
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