July 20th, 2008

I love doggies

Fenrir and Irk

First thing I'd like to say is that I'm on Loki.

Because Dad put a trojan on my poor Fenrir.


While I was eating breakfast I asked if I could have a copy of Nero, the disk burning software, and he said that he just downloaded the latest one and that he'd go install it real fast. Well... I went upstairs to find him still on my computer with my antivirus bells going off on Fenrir. I just told him that any trace of the trojan had better be gone by the time I got home from iaido. Well, I'm hope from iaido and it's still quite there (Dad had to go to work, but he'll be back later) so I'm on my laptop, Loki. He'd better get the thing off because I don't want to reformat.

The other, more cheerful news is that Emily-sensei's husband wanted a Pleo and they got one. She brought it in to say "Hi" to everyone in the dojo at the end of class today. It's so cute! It's name Irk, which may or may not be spelled right, and sensei said she wasn't sure if her husband had decided it was a she, he, or it, so for the time being I'm using a neutral it.

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Anyway, it walked forward and backward, sung, played tug, and checked us out. It's so freakin' cute. ♥

Also, some of ya'll may have noticed emukatze latest obsession with the Nendoroid figure line. I decided to look at Max Factory's stuff and discovered, well, their Figma line. I ordered a Saber. Review of it can be found here.
Oh yeah!

Virus free

Yo. I just got rid of that virus I had. It was a Trojan.Vundo and Spybot Search and Destroy got rid of it.

Lets all do a happy dance, even if most of ya'll probably don't care. XD
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