July 28th, 2008

Haseo shocked

It ended.

So. I finally decided to just sit down and fight the final boss in .hack//G.U. I always feel a bit sad when I finish games, which is probably why I tend to play up to the final boss battle and never actually do it... I also get rather sad when I finish good books and stare at the back cover for a long time after I'm done. Ah, I'm pathetic. Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with the way it ended. I still need to do the Forest of Pain, though, so it's not like I'm completely done, but yeah.

Also, on a more cheerful note, I got a Webkinz. Yes, that thing for kids. XD I blame Debbie for making me want one. I got the Lemon Lime Gecko and named him Gustav after Gustav Klimt because I'm a dork and he has shiny gold on him. XD

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