July 29th, 2008



I was just told by my online class teacher that my thumbnails are too loose. What?

Anway, Maggie's Miku is damned cute. I want her.

Gustav got to go with me to game night tonight. Back when we played Hackmaster, my character had a lizard and, well, I used it as an excuse to bring a stuffed lizard regularly. Now that we're playing Exalted, I have no reason to bring one, really, I just wanted to show off my cute lizard to the middle aged guys I game with. XD He may become a regular, though, because I rolled very well tonight and there's that possibility that Gustav had something to do with it...

ALSO. I geeked out when I was flipping through the book while my character wasn't doing anything and found the animal section in the back. You can get an assassin lizard in the damned game. I want one. En's an assassin-type. XD