August 6th, 2008

Misaki Progress 1

Cosplay Start!

So, I finally started working on my suit for Misaki! Hurrah! I only cut out most of the fabric and that's it because I don't have thread yet to actually start sewing. XD However, cutting took a long time. Suits have lots of little parts. ¬.¬

Anyway, now that I've actually started it I'm all excited. XD I always do that, I'm always scared of doing a costume and once I start I'm like "Yay! Lets go! Go! GO!" Well, until I hit something I don't like so much. Like those damned pleats. But anyway, I'm making the pants first. I hate pants, but between that and the jacket, I think they'll be easier. And the zipper's in the back, which amuses me much more than it should. I could do either front or back, but putting it in the back seems like it'd look nicer since the jacket's long and should hide it quite nicely. XD Also, I have to take in the pant leg and arm widths because I'm, um, that scrawny.

Just thought I'd mention all this. Wish me luck with my first adventure in suit making. I'll probably not be so excited later when I'm cursing darts and stuff.

Also, Edouard hit and, um, disappeared. He was a very unexciting tropical storm in the end.