August 8th, 2008

Sewing (animated)

Sewing and shopping

Today at work I got to check a couple of sites for porn to see if they could be taken off the filter. Um, well, they're still filtered for adult content.

The Joann's by the house is closing soon because they're going to make a Super Joann's or whatnot over by the mall. Which is wonderful, because now there'll be a large fabric store besides High Fashion Fabrics, which is downtown, but on the down side I'll be losing my convenient fabric store. No more quick trips to get odd and ends. Anyway, I had to drop by there to get thread today because I have three spools of the color I need, but that's just enough to put on the serger. The thread selection there was WIPED OUT, but that had a single spool of what I needed left. XD

I then proceeded to not work on my pants. I slacked off for a good long time before going and staring at the instructions for a long time. It's so weird using a pre-made pattern now. However, after staring at the instructions and using transfer paper to mark my darts, I went to make a bobbin only to find that we were out of empty bobbins, resulting in a trip to Walmart with Maggie, who conveniently also needed stuff. Anyway, the darts at the top and the front seam are basted in. Tomorrow shall be an adventure in zipper installation. I've never actually made something with a zipper before. Ever. This shall be interesting. Anyway, if my pants start to look like pants tomorrow I'll probably post photos.

And lastly a gripe. Apparently the government changed some of the Stafford things and I now qualify for another Stafford loan that's unsubsidized. The school, thinking that everyone loves to be terribly in debt when they graduate, decided to take it out for me. I had no idea until I went and picked up my schedule and stuff before the quarter started. Naturally, I was kind of pissed that they did this without even asking and wrote a short letter saying I didn't want it for my financial adviser to send off to have it removed. Well guess what! We got our bill for next quarter and it was listed as money the school received. Tomorrow I get to call my financial adviser and try to get this taken care of.

Edit: Also, Maggie's finally making real progress on her Gwendolyn that she didn't finish for A-kon. I shall not be Gwenless at Animefest! Hurrah!!! XD