August 17th, 2008

Misaki Progress 3

Got a lot done but there's little to show.

I was planing on finishing the pants today, but I was thwarted by my lack of fusible webbing to finish the waistband with. However, the pants are properly eased into the the side of the waistband I did sew down and, when I went ahead and folded the waistband down and tried them on, they're very comfortable. So I just need to do the edges near the zipper (which is what I need the webbing for), sew down the inside part of the waistband, and hem the things. For the hemming, to save time, I may pin the legs where I want them and have Mom do that for me real fast while I'm at work or something so that I can focus on the jacket because I'm a lazy bum like that.

Since I couldn't finish the waistband, I finished cutting out all the little jacket pieces. That damned jacket'll involve more easing in seams... I hate myself so much for this. Anyway, interfacing and lining'll be cut out as I need them because I don't want to unpin all the pattern pieces from all the fabric pieces and lose track of them. I'm good at misplacing things. XD I think I need more of the interfacing I'm using, though. I though I had enough but it doesn't look like I do.

I still need to go get a gold plastic non-star police badge so that I can be Misaki of the "Special Police" because this amuses me too much. And order my little police wallet.

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