August 24th, 2008

A man's heart!


Sorry for the lack of progress photos. I just haven't felt like taking any. XD Anyway, The jacket's fitted and the marks for the welt pockets are in place. I've begun working on the lining because I'm a sissy and I'm terrified of doing those fake pockets. I was going to do the proper welt-making thing and just slip stitch the top shut, but now I'm serously tempted to sew on triangles. Only that's look really silly and, um, I might want to make proper pockets later. So I'll probably do it tomorrow. Stupid pockets.

Also, since I didn't finish the suit earlier, the only improvement to Velvet I'll probably be able to make is adding hair to my hair loops to make them fuller, hopefully replace my battery things for the LEDs and hopefully hopefully have my mantilla redone with the new lace and stuff. I'm pretty sure I won't have my hip wrap redone and the mantilla's really iffy. Stupid wrap, being more difficult than it looks. Whatever I don't fix by next weekend I'll fix for whenever Maggie and I get around to taking photos in the woods somewhere. I'm so lazy. Plus I still need to come up with a fake series concept and crap for my homework. I'm slacking on that. Whoops.
Oh yeah!

Hey William!

I looked it up and Eishi can be a girl or boy's name, so Eishi can be Eishi-chan/tan after all. XD I'll look up kanji later if you don't. I need to get sewing.

Edit: I've come up with a name! 繄士! Maggie actually found the "ei" kanji. It's a rare use one that means "sigh" and the shi's samurai. I'm thinking about still making it a girl anyway. she can have hakama and a bokuto because that'd be cuter. How's that sound? XD

Why am I so into designing a character for the dojo AC?