August 28th, 2008

Psycho LA

Can I do it?

I realized something: The sleeves don't need to be lined for the con. No one will know, right? XD So, I just might have everything ready. All I need to do is get that damned sleeve on and attach the lining, which is fully prepared for attachment minus sleeve lining. And buttons. Mom's kindly hemming the pants today while I'm at work (thanks Mom!) and I just get to go wild with a hammer to attach the pant hook and eyes.

Also, while I'm out getting my hair trimmed (2 inches are getting cut off. 2 inches I don't have to shove under a wig cap.), I'm dropping by Radio Shack to get new battery things for the Psypher. I said it before, but never buy wiring stuff from Fry's Electronics. Their stuff is crap and it's their crap's fault I didn't have glowing crystals at A-kon. (mostly) >:(